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Katie's Mercantile Toys

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Doll Clothes for 18" Dolls

18" Doll Clothes
Blouse $8.00 - Bonnet $5.00
Dress $15.00 - Jumper $13.00
Skirt $10.00

Now the 18" dolls in your household can be dressed in modest feminine clothing too! A nice variety of dresses, jumpers, skirts, blouses and bonnets. Very nice quality.

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Amish Outfits for 18" Dolls

18" Amish Doll Outfits - $22.00

Dress your favorite 18" doll in an adorable Amish outfit. The outfit includes a solid color dress, an apron in either black or white, and a bonnet in black or white.

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Handmade Stuffed Bears.

Handmade Bears - $28.00 each

These adorable handmade bears are just perfect for country decorating or as a child's beloved best friend. They feature hand embroidered faces. overalls and bandana for boy bears and jumper and bow for girl bears. Approximately 16 inches tall. No buttons to reduce the risk of choking. (This item could still be a choking hazard.)

Slates - perfect for schoolwork, playtime and more

Slates - $6.50

A timeless classic. Perfect for schoolwork. playtime, traveling, decorating or craft projects.

Add a box of dust free chalk.

Add a box of dust free chalk.

Dust Free Chalk - $1.50

Soapstone Chalk

Soapstone Chalk - $5.00

This is the kind of slate pencil children used in one room school houses. Less dust than modern chalk. Pairs nicely with our old fashioned slate and standup chalk board.

Wooden Toy Farm Fencs

Toy Farm Fence - $17.50

These wooden fences fold down to a very compact size for storage, but opened out are 6 feet long!!

They'll make a nice sized pasture for your child's favorite toy farm animals.

Made in USA.

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Wooden Toy Barn

Barn - $35.00

This wooden barn has front doors that open and also a hinged hay loft. Wholesome play for any child. Amish made in USA. 10-1/2" long x 6" wide (deep), 9" high.

Realistic looking plastic fram animals

Farm Animals - $1.75 each

We were on the look out for some nice toy farm animals and we found some!!

Realistic looking plastic cows, horses, sheep, pigs and goats are about 3-1/2 to 4 inches long - a nice sturdy toy for little hands.

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Reversible Wipe Off Lap Board

Lapboard - $6.50

This reversible wipe off board has ruled lines for writing practice on one side and an open surface on the other. Great for school or play.

Dry Erase Markers

Dry Erase Markers - $4.75 / pack

A four pack of fine tip markers pair nicely with our dry erase boards. Nice for the homeschool room, reminder lists,
travel or play.

Memory Game Cards Bible Stories & Verses

Memory Game Cards Bible Stories & Verses - $7.00

Bible Memory Cards are perfect for learning Bible stories and verses while playing a fun matching game.

Animals Memory Game Cards

Memory Game Cards Animals - $5.00

These cards have cute pictures of animals and children for a fun matching memory game. 

Standup Chalk Board

Standup Chalk Board - $27.00

These are a very nice two sided chalk board with a rustic wooden frame. Use in the schoolroom, kitchen, for your business, or anywhere else it might come in handy!  Approximately 19" tall

Small Wooden Tool Box

Small Wooden Tool Box - $10.00

These cute little tool boxes are made by an Amish toy maker. They are about 10" long are are nice and sturdy.

Perfect for a first tool box for a child, but also very handy for crafts, decorating, and lots of other uses according to your own imagination.

Car Roller Wooden Track with 4 Wooden Cars

Car Roller - $39.00

This wooden track will provide hours of fun for all ages -- no batteries required!!!

Roll the car down the track and be ready to catch it at the bottom.

Comes with 4 wooden cars. One of the four cars is pictured (click for additional pictures).

Carefully hand made in the USA by an Amish toy maker.

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Wooden Racetrack

Wooden Racetrack - $50.00

A double wooden track allows 2 cars to race side by side to the bottom.

Comes with 6 painted wooden cars. Two of the 6 cars are pictured (click for additional pictures).

Wholesome fun for all ages.

Carefully hand made in the USA by an Amish toy maker.

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Push Toy

Push Toy - $20.00

These classic push toys are a favorite with toddlers and young children.

The feet move and flap as the toy is pushed across the floor.

Old fashioned fun.

From an Amish toy maker.

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Wooden Desk for Dolls

Doll Desk - $35.00

Little children love to play school and with this adorable wooden desk their favorite doll can join in the fun.

Home schooled children can have their doll friend "do school" right along with them!

The desk has a hinged lid and storage for dolly schoolbooks and materials.

Shown with an 18" doll.

Made in the USA by an Amish toy maker.

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