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Katie's Mercantile Amish Origins/Ointments

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Amish Origins Ointment
1 oz. - $2.00
3.5 oz. - $6.00
7 oz. - $10.00
14 oz. - $19.00

Amish Origins is an ointment good for arthritis, colds, coughs, burns, bruises, aching joints and more. Penetrating heat. Old fashioned pain relief still works well!

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Medi Cream - $7.00

Medi Cream is an advanced skin care system. When it soaks in it smells like vanilla.

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Lip Doc - $1.50

This lip balm works very well; it makes your lips feel very soft. It helps a lot in the winter.

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Old Time Chickweed Salve - $10.00

An attractive tin holds 4 oz of natural healing! Use for: Dry Skin. Cuts, Burns, Poison Ivy or Oak. Ingredients: Chickweed, Comfrey, Plantain, Olive Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Pine Oil, Beeswax. Another excellent Quality Amish Origins Product!!

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Draw Salve - $6.00

While this is not the gloppy black salve often used in cow barns it gets the job done!! Excellent for painless removal of slivers. Also use for bee stings and skin irritations. Comes in a 2 oz tin. Another excellent quality product from Amish Origins!!

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B & W Ointment - $12.50

Because of their methods of cooking, heating and non electric lights the Amish community has a higher than average occurrence of burns. This is the ointment they use when burn treatment is required. This soothing ointment is also good for cuts, sunburn and other skin irritations.
4 oz. container.

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Ivy Be Gone - $6.50

Anywhere poison ivy grows you'll usually find its antidote - jewelweed - growing nearby. This salve contains jewelweed to help soothe poison ivy discomfort.

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