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Katie's Mercantile Dolls

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Large Amish Dolls

Amish Doll
$27.00 large doll (each)
$20.00 small doll (each)

These carefully crafted faceless dolls feature jointed arms and legs and soft stuffed body. The girl's clothing is beautifully sewn with pleated dress skirts, pintucked aprons, intricate detailed bonnets, and tiny tucks in the sleeves and skirts. Our boy doll has on a shirt, suspenders, broadfall pants, and a straw hat. Excellent quality. Made in New York.

*Arm and leg joints use BUTTONS - may not be suitable toy for very young children*

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Sweet Amish Baby Dolls

Sweet Amish Baby Dolls
$27.00 each

These adorable baby dolls are the dollies that Amish ladies make for their own little girls. These babies have a soft stuffed body and button jointed arms and legs. Pretty pastel dresses are covered with white organdy aprons. An underneath soft ruffled bonnet that matches the dress peeks out from under a white organdy pleated kapp. The classic faceless doll has gently rounded cheeks that make her just as cute as can be. Approximately 16" long. Carefully hand crafted by a local Amish lady. This item does have buttons that may not be safe for very young children.

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Appalachian Dolls

Appalachian Doll
$18.00 large doll (each)
$14.00 medium doll (each)
$10.00 small doll (each)

Old fashioned faceless dolls with solid or calico dresses and headscarves and coordinating calico aprons. In a variety of hair colors arranged in long braids. They make a special friend for little girls and are very child friendly with no buttons.

They are also perfect for traditional country decorating. Made in Tennessee. SPECIFY FAIR OR BROWN SKIN.

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18" Amish Doll Outfits

18" Amish Doll Outfits

Dress your favorite 18" doll in an adorable Amish outfit. The outfit includes a solid color dress, an apron in either black or white, and a bonnet in black or white.

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Doll Clothes for 18" Dolls

18" Doll Clothes
Blouse $8.00 - Bonnet $5.00
Dress $15.00 - Jumper $13.00
Skirt $10.00

Now the 18" dolls in your household can be dressed in modest feminine clothing too! A nice variety of dresses, jumpers, skirts, blouses and bonnets. Very nice quality.

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