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Katie's Mercantile Hair Accessories

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Scarves for ladies, girls & babies

Scarves - $4.50 each

These are very soft and warm. The Amish ladies in our neighborhood wear these over their coverings when outside in cold weather. We find they are warmer than a knit cap.

Fits ladies, girls and babies.

In a variety of colors.

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Classic Bandannas

Bandannas - $2.75 each

A classic Bandanna size with a pretty paisley print in a variety of colors.

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Heavy Traditional Hair Pins

Heavy Traditional Hair Pins

Heavy 2-1/2" Pack of 20 available in white - $2.25/Pack

Heavy 2-1/2" Pack of 40 available in black or brown - $2.75/Pack

Steel Traditionals available in 2", 2-1/2" and 3"

$2.50 per Dozen

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Hair Pins: Mini and Regular

Hair Pins

We all have our favorite kinds of hair pins so we're offering you lots of choices too! All of our hair pins are made in the USA.

Mini 1-1/2" available in black or brown - 6 pins - $0.25

Regular 2" available in black, brown or white - 6 pins - $0.25

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Double Coated Hairpins

Hairpins - $2.50/Pack

Pack of 60 double coated hairpins.

Available in Black, Bronze, Silver, Blonde.

Made in the USA.

Mini Hair Clips

Mini Hair Clips - $2.50/Pack

Pack of 18 mini clips

For ladies who prefer clips to hold their covering in place. Black or White.

Crinkle Hair Pins

Crinkle Hair Pins - $2.50/dozen

Similar to our regular Stainless steel hairpins only "crinkled." Some ladies think they stay in better than the straight hair pins.

Come in 2-1/2" and 3" lengths.

Made in USA.

Hairnets in white, black, dark brown, medium brown or light brown

Hairnets - $0.75/each

These soft hairnets help keep your bun tidy and secure. Large enough to double over your hair bun. In White, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown or Light Brown.


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