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Katie's Mercantile Items in Stainless

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Stainless Steel Bell Pitcher

Stainless Steel Bell Pitcher - $4.50 each

This little pitcher was just too cute to pass up! It holds 5.5 ounces and is perfect for small quantities of milk, cream, syrup ... you name it!

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Stainless Steel Tumblers

Stainless Steel Tumblers - $3.50 each

Our stainless steel mugs have been so popular that we decided to add the tumblers. 14 ounce capacity in a lovely shiny finish.

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Stainless Drinking Mug

Stainless Drinking Mug - $3.50 each

An old-fashioned classic. Somehow water just tastes better in stainless! Pitcher sold separately. 12 oz.

Stainless 2 Quart Pitcher

Stainless 2 Quart Pitcher with Ice Guard
- $15.50 each

Perfect for hot summer days to hold your favorite cold beverage without a plastic taste tainting the flavors. Cups sold separately.

Stainless Wash Basin

Stainless Wash Basin - $20.00 each

These are just the right size for hand washing but don't stop there! Use on the countertop to hold eggs, sundries or as an extra mixing bowl. The possibilites are endless!

Outside of rim to outside of rim across the top - outside diameter is 13". Height from table to rim - 3-1/4"". Holds 4 quarts.

Stainless Dish Pan

Stainless Dish Pan - $30.00 each

Perfect for dishwashing - a plus size wash basin. Also handy on butchering day, for storing cleaning supplies, or fill with pretty trifles for old-fashioned decorating.

Outside of rim to outside of rim across the top - outside diameter is 15".
Height from table to rim - 4-1/2".
Holds 8-1/2 quarts.

Stainless Pails in a variety of sizes

Stainless Pails

You can use these for ANYTHING! They all have a bail handle. Some of our ideas: berry picking, home dairy, butchering day, carry water, canning day, garden picking, utensil caddy, cut flower vase, egg collecting, wood ash carrying. The possibilities are endless! Easily santized for food processing.

Lots of sizes available:
1 quart pail - $7.50
2 quart pail - $10.50
4 quart pail - $16.50
6 quart pail - $21.50
8 quart pail - $28.50
12 quart pail - $34.00

Stainless Ladle

Stainless Steel Ladle
8 oz. - $6.00
12 oz. - $7.50

Nice heavy stainless steel ladles are old fashioned and practical hook handle makes it convenient for hanging.

Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle - $35.00

Our stainless steel tea kettles are old fashioned and practical. This nice large size kettle holds 5-1/4 quarts.

One Gallon Milk Can

1 Gallon Milk Can - $35.00

This sturdy milk can with lid and bale handle will let you easily carry in milk from the barn--no spills, nice and clean!! But don't stop there! This handy container will also double as a canister, a vase, storage for what nots or simply for country decorating.

Large Stainless Steel Pitcher

Large Stainless Steel Pitcher - $22.00

We love the classic shape of this pitcher.

It holds a little over 3 quarts.

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