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Katie's Mercantile Preemie Baby Clothes

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Real clothes for the tiniest member of your family.

Designed for 4-6 lb infants (depending on length).

Preemie Baby Dress

Preemie Baby Dress - $20.00

These dresses are nicely detailed with a variety of necklines and sleeve length.

Preemis Boys Outfit

Preemie Boys Outfit - $15.00

The boys outfits look like overalls with an attached shirt in long or short sleeves. Snap crotch. Boys outfits in 2 sizes size A for smaller/shorter and size B slightly longer torso and legs. Contact us for exact sizing measurements.

Premmie Baby Sac

Preemie Baby Sac - $18.00

These keep baby snuggled nicely.

Preemis Hooded Sweater

Preemie Hooded Sweater - $15.00

These look just like the larger ones.



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