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Katie's Mercantile Home Decorating

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Sunrise Coffee Sign

Sunrise Coffee Sign - $7.00

Measures 7-1/2" x 5-3/4"

Choose Joy Sign

Choose Joy Sign - $12.00

Measures 5-1/2" x 24"

Country Canvases

Country Canvases
$6.00 - $20.00

A variety of canvas art - some country scenes, some inspirational, some lighted canvases - all perfect for your home or a special gift.

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Decorative Miniature Coffee Pot

Decorative Miniature Coffee Pot

These were just too cute to pass up!! A metal "antique" coffeepot in miniature with sisal hanging loop. Approximately 2-1/2" tall. Perfect for country decorating.

Decorative Lamp Hook

Decorative Lamp Hook

These wrought iron hooks are a graceful yet sturdy way to hang your favorite lantern, lamp, candle, cloak - the possibilities are endless! Comes with a 1" long black screw for ease of installation. Approximately 6" long.

Standup Chalk Board

Standup Chalk Board

These are a very nice two sided chalk board with a rustic wooden frame. Use in the schoolroom, kitchen, for your business, or anywhere else it might come in handy!  Approximately 19" tall.

Rustic Chalk Board

Rustic Chalk Board

These cute little chalk boards will add an old fashioned country look anywhere you decide to use them. Approximately 8" tall and 9" wide with a rustic wooden frame. A hole in the center top makes them easy to hang.


$24.00 each

Katie and Cindy were visiting an Amish craftsman, and hanging outside his shop on this particular day were these lovely spinners. It was a breezy day and all we could say while watching them spin was "we have to have some of these!!" He and his wife made some for us and we just love them and hope you will too.

Each one is carefully built from small pieces of hard wood and have a swivel on top to allow them to turn in the breeze. A mixture of light and dark woods makes each one unique and oh so pretty!!!

Approximately 20" from top of hanger to bottom of spinner.

Small Wooden Tool Box

Small Wooden Tool Box

These cute little tool boxes are made by an Amish toy maker. They are about 10" long are are nice and sturdy.

Perfect for a first tool box for a child, but also very handy for crafts, decorating, and lots of other uses according to your own imagination.


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