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Katie's Mercantile Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out my size?
Take a few basic measurements - bust, waist, and length - then call or e-mail us. We'll help you choose the correct size.

How do I know what fabrics you have?
We have so many we can't post them! Tell us what style and size you need and we'll tell you what we have.

How do I pay for my clothing?
- Request a PayPal invoice
- Call us with a credit card number (we accept the 4 major credit cards)
- Mail us a check or money order
- We do not issue refunds after 60 days. If you would like to return an item after 60 days, you can do so and get store credit only.

How much will my postage be?
We pack each order and calculate the postage according to the package weight and your zip code. You are charged that amount - no extra handling or hidden charges.

I have special medical needs ... can you help me?
Yes, we can custom make garments for central line (port or cath) access, to accommodate feeding tubes, insulin or chemotherapy pumps, and other specialized needs. We can also help with unique body shapes, mobility and sensory challenges.

I sent an e-mail and haven't gotten an answer.
If you haven't gotten an answer within 48 hours, please send another e-mail. We probably did not receive the last one.

What if I want to send my own fabric?
You are more than welcome to send in your own fabric. However, we still charge the same amount for the garment. Since we purchase all of fabric wholesale the fabric is the smallest percentage of our price.

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