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Katie's Mercantile Enamelware

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Enamelware has always been a favorite in our household.
We are pleased to have found these classic items.

3 Quart Tea Kettle Enamelware

Tea Kettle - $22.00

The 3 Quart Tea Kettle is old fashioned, practical and SO pretty!

Enamelware Coffee Boiler

Coffee Boiler - $18.00

This quaint coffee boiler holds 3 quarts! A pretty black speckled enamelware surface - perfect for decorating, flower vase, or actually making coffee.

Enamelware Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot - $32.00

This 2 quart old fashioned percolator is a wonderful non electric way to make delicious coffee. It also looks absolutely beautiful on your kitchen shelf. In a lovely dark blue enamel.

Blue Enamelware Coffee Boiler / Pitcher

Blue Enamelware Coffee Boiler/ Pitcher - $16.00

This coffee boiler is a classic size,design, and color. We have campers visit our retail store from a nearby State Park looking for a way to make coffee while camping and they just love these! We also really like to use this item as a vase for beautiful country floral arrangements.

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Enamel Mugs

Enamel Mugs - $3.50

Pretty, practical and sturdy - these dark blue enamelware mugs hold 12 oz. of your favorite beverage. A customer favorite.


Large Enamel Mugs

Large Enamel Mugs - $4.50

These are a wonderful 20 oz. sturdy mug. In a pretty dark blue enamelware.

(Also available in a set of 4 for $18.00)

Set of 4 Large Enamel Mugs

Set of 4 Large Enamel Mugs - $18.00

These are a wonderful 20 oz. sturdy mug. In a pretty dark blue enamelware.

(Also available individually)

Enamelware Ladel

Enamelware Ladle - $7.00

These 12" long ladles are pretty and practical in dark blue enamel finish. They also look really pretty hanging in your kitchen or for country craft projects!

Enamelware Popcorn Bowl

Enamelware Popcorn Bowl - $10.00

A distressed finish white enamelware bowl holds a generous batch of your favorite snack.

White Enamelware Soup Plate

White Enamelware Soup Plate - $3.00

I (Cindy) use these all the time! They are the perfect size for a small amount of chopped veggies, fixin's and toppings for pizzas, omelets, or desserts. The only thing I haven't used them for yet is to serve soup! 8" diameter shallow light weight bowls. Distressed finish.

White Enamelware Medium Basin

White Enamelware Medium Basin - $12.00

A nice sized medium weight basin perfect for your country kitchen, gardening or decorating needs. Non-distressed smooth finish for easy care and cleaning. Approximately 12" diameter, 3-1/2" deep.

Large Basin White Enamelware

White Enamelware Large Basin - $12.00

This distressed finish medium weight basin looks like the ones Grandma used every day! Big enough for hand or dishwashing, garden harvesting, compost carrying, flower arranging - the possibilities are endless! Approximately 12-1/2" diameter, 4-1/2" deep.

Large White Enamelware Dish Pan

Large White Enamelware Dish Pan - $28.00

This beautiful and practical dish pan is large enough for your biggest projects. Great for washing dishes, children, produce ... 18" diameter and approximately 6" deep. Smooth white enamel with black rim and handles.

Large Blue Enamelware Dish Pan

Large Blue Enamelware Dish Pan - $22.00

A beautiful navy blue smooth enamel surface on a nice big dish pan with handles. This works perfectly for dish washing, mixing large batches of just about anything or simply for country decorating. 14-1/2" diameter and approximately 6 " deep.

Blue Granitewear Wash Basin

Blue Granitewear Wash Basin - $10.50

As soon as we saw these cute little basins we knew we had to have them! Nice and sturdy like our other basins only smaller. This blue basin holds 4 qts and is just the right size for hand washing, garden harvesting, or country decorating. Made in USA.

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