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Katie's Mercantile Baby Items

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Baby Sac - $18.00

These are fully closed on the bottom with an invisible zipper that goes up the front. Made from nice soft fabrics. Available in boys' prints, girls' prints and some neutrals. Infant Sizes XS-M.

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Baby Girl Dress

Baby Girl Dress - $20.00

We have quite a few different style baby dresses - zip back, button back, button front, pull on - some have pleats, most have gathers. Baby dresses are available in a variety of fabrics as well - silky, knit, cotton prints and solids. Infant Sizes S-XL.

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Baby Dress Pinafore

Baby Pinafore - $12.00

This baby pinafore is open in the back with a button closure. Shown over a baby dress.
Infant Sizes S-XL.

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Baby Jumper

Baby Jumper - $18.00

A cute little baby size jumper with back closure and full skirt. Most in 100% cottons. Infant Sizes XS-XL.

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Baby Slip

Baby Slip - $10.00

These slips have wide straps, some with bottom ruffle. Infant Sizes S-XL.

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Baby Boy Outfit

Baby Boy Outfit - $21.00

We have two different style outfits. The newborn style looks like a pair of overalls with a shirt attached, gripper snaps on the legs. The slightly older baby style looks like a pair of pants, a shirt and a vest all attached. Very practical. He will never come "untucked." Available with short paints and long pants, short sleeves and long sleeves. Infant Sizes XS-L

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Baby Blouse - $14.00

Adorable with our baby jumper!

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Baby Quilts & Blankets

Baby Quilts and Blankets

Our inventory of quilts and blankets is always changing. Please check with us for selection and prices.

Burp Cloth

Burp Cloth - $4.00

These are cut so they fit nicely on your shoulder. Made from nice soft fabrics. Some even match the sacs for a nice baby gift.

FarmBaby Baby Wash & Shampoo

FarmBaby Baby Wash & Shampoo

FarmBaby Baby Wash is suitable as an all-over cleanser, and also doubles as a mild shampoo. Formulated especially for the delicate skin of little ones, this gentle liquid is made from cleansers derived from sugar, with a does of aloe vera for moisture. Fragranced with organic lavender essential oil, mother nature's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial wonder. Lavender oil is also known as a natural relaxant, a soothing treat to calm baby. Made in the USA.

Farm Baby Baby Lotion

FarmBaby Baby Lotion

Our natural blend of shea butter, vitamins, and aloe vera is combined in perfect proportion to protect and nourish delicate skin. Formulated with natural silicone, this cream acts as a barrier from moisture, locking in the perfect balance of baby's skin. Fragranced with natural lavender essential oil, a soothing combination to help relax baby during fussy times. Lotion goes on smoothly, and is not greasy. Made in the USA.

FarmBaby Baby Bottom Cream

FarmBaby Baby Bottom Cream

This natural baby bottom cream is packed with nourishing herbal extracts including chamomile and calendula, which is good for inflammation and irritated skin, and tea tree oil used for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The moisture resistant barrier is made from all vegetable sources and contains shea butter. You only need a little of this smooth cream to help heal and prevent rash in the sensitive diaper area. Made in the USA.

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